1. We are an architecture and urban planning firm with the expertise to approach projects in a transversal manner and from a deeply analytical perspective. 

2. In all our projects, our objective is always the same: to understand the territory as much as possible to offer a response that is 100% adapted to the place and the people who live there. 

3. We carry out extensive demographic and socio-economic studies to have this spatial, social and methodological approach. We also ensure a rigorous use of data and digital tools for design, simulation, and visualisation. 

4. Sustainability and innovation are values that are implicit in our work process. Without them, we would not be able to promote humanised neighbourhoods, healthy populations, and efficient and resilient buildings. 

5. OUA is a multidisciplinary team of more than 60 people. With more than 15 years of experience, we are based in Barcelona, but we are able to take on projects anywhere in the world.   

6. Under this philosophy and analytical rigorousness, at OUA & we form alliances with different studios and professionals in the sector that enable us to explore new territories and new formal lines. 

7. Our eagerness to experiment – and thus to continue innovating – has led us to create OUA HUB, a space dedicated, on the one hand, to research new work methodologies and, on the other, to cover, from the engineering point of view, the asset management and the legal interpretation in our projects globally.

8. OUA Paper stems from the desire to share this extensive dedication to research studies. It is a publication in which we disseminate periodically those articles that are more likely to be extrapolated and interesting for other stakeholders within or outside the sector of architecture and urban planning. 

9. Therefore, OUA is a methodological space that is enhanced by the constant implementation of new synergies, new formats, and new techniques. More than a specific architectural style, our hallmark is characterized by this holistically analytical view.