Marina Living

  • LOCATION Badalona
  • > CLIENT Private
  • YEAR 2018
  • STATUS In process
  • CATEGORY Architecture
  • SCALE City
  • TEAM OUA Group

“The proximity to the sea has marked the desire to emphasise as much as possible the relationship between the interior and exterior of the dwellings”

On the seafront and next to the three chimneys of the thermal power station of San Adrià del Besòs, OUA has signed a spectacular residential complex with 1,500 dwellings with a communal area, parking, large outdoor spaces, lots of light and privileged views. One of the architects involved in the project, Alex Gòmez, explains how this project takes shape.

What is unique about Marina Living compared to other residential complexes?
The project was born from the desire to break with the linearity of the blocks of the neighbouring plots in order to have homes with more frontage, and therefore more light, better outdoor spaces, better visuals and natural ventilation, which makes these dwellings more energy efficient.

How does the proximity to the sea influence the conception of the project?
The exclusive location of the project on the seafront has marked the desire to emphasise as much as possible the relationship between the interior and exterior of the dwellings, and this has been achieved mostly through the design of the terraces. Through large façade openings that go from the ground to the roof, outward-facing homes have been generated in which the private and interior space is extended towards the exterior, making the most of the space of the terraces.

The prominence of the sea horizon as the background has also led us to emphasise the horizontals, marking all the balcony slabs with exposed concrete. In addition, the solar protection elements are integrated into the structure of the building itself to provide clean visuals.

What are the advantages of this open façade system?
It blurs boundaries between inside and outside and, from a volumetric point of view, it is innovative because it maximises the perimeter of the façade of these dwellings and improves the conditions of natural lighting and ventilation.

From a constructive point of view, the open façade stands out for the use of prefabricated pieces that improve the insulation and air conditioning of the homes through aerothermal systems. In fact, the development has been awarded with the BREEAM seal, an international standard that certifies the high degree of sustainability of the building.

Does the project also include green communal areas as planned?
In the design process, OUA’s Urban Planning team created an interstitial space rich in vegetation to create a new green lung within the communal garden space between the dwellings. This new space stems from the need to generate purer and greener spaces in an arid environment.