Gavà Sud

  • > CLIENT Private
  • YEAR 2019
  • STATUS In process
  • CATEGORY Urban Planning
  • SCALE Municipality

“The need to make environmental and functional improvements makes essential to review and modify urban plans”

The revision and modification of urban plans are one of the strengths of OUA’s Urban Planning Department, as demonstrated by the modification of the urban development project for the Pla de Ponent (‘Western Plan’) sector in Gavà. Thanks to the architecture firm’s extensive analysis capacity, they have managed to update a 2008 plan to allow its execution following new needs and urban development and sustainability criteria. The head of OUA’s Urban Planning Department, Núria Noguer, explains in detail.

What are the reasons why modifications such as the one presented in this project are necessary?
Urban planning is linked to the evolution of the environment, but sometimes certain urban planning interventions are not possible due to regulations that, over time, need to be revised. In the case of this project, the updating of the regulations, the new assessments of companies, the junction with the future neighbouring development of Els Joncs and the need to update prices and make environmental and functional improvements make the modification of the previous plan essential.

What is the main difference with the urbanisation plan approved in 2008?
In the current modification of the plan, the area has only been divided into two construction stages. This means that each of the stages can function autonomously in terms of roads and services, unlike the division of the site into nine sectors considered in the 2008 project.

Why was it decided not to maintain this division into nine sectors?
The sectors defined in the Project approved in 2008 do not have functional autonomy because they do not guarantee urban services at the plot level. This means that, in accordance with the provisions of Article 169 of the Regulation for Urban Planning Law (‘Reglament de la Llei d’urbanisme’) of Catalonia, approved by Decree No 305/2006 of 18 July, it would not be possible to receive the urban development works.

What other aspects required modification?
In order to be able to develop the storm sewer network, it is absolutely necessary that the sewerage system in the downstream sectors is already built and operational.

The medium-voltage electricity network needs to have a closed ring as a basic criterion imposed by the distribution company, which implies the need to occupy the entirety of each stage with this network.
On the other hand, despite being part of Stage 1, the two riverside parks (Canyars and Calamot) have been defined and valued in an independent project, following the same scheme as in 2008.
Regarding the budget, the same criterion has also been maintained between basic works and complementary works.