Legal advice based on experience with in-depth knowledge of urban development

1. Urban planning

Administrative and contentious-administrative challenging to planning, drawing up urban development and due diligence reports and processing and giving advice on forced expropriations.

2. Urban development planning and management

Drawing up all types of urban development planning and management tools such as General Zoning Plans, Partial Plans, Urban Improvement Plans and Reallotment and Infrastructure Projects.

3. Administrative

Filing administrative appeals and pleas, pecuniary liability of public administrations, work licence records.

4. Urban development discipline

Legal advice and defence in legalising building outside planning or subject to disagreement, suspension orders and inquiries to restore altered physical legality.

5. Property law

Processing and advice on files to repair discrepancies both in the Cadastre and in the Property Register. Drawing up reports and writing contracts to promote, construct, buy and sell, donate, rent out and in general all types of contracts related to property law as well as constituting horizontal properties, property complexes and new work declarations.

6. Public contracting

Writing up terms and conditions for clauses and advice to bidders in terms of public sector contracts, special appeals in terms of contracting and contract resolution.