Figueres Vilafant – POUM

Urban planning

Figueres Vilafant – POUM

Urban planning
  • Year: 2016
  • Location: 17740 Vilafant, Girona

The new POUM (Municipal Urban Development Plan) in the Figueres-Vilafant station zone should arrange the transition point between the city and the new infrastructure and so integrate it within the town’s urban grid.
Another strategy for the new POUM involves consolidating and joining the different sectors to bring current hubs together and give continuity to its urban structure by creating a business centre close to the N-II road.
Finally, the last proposal involves conserving the non-development land and its importance within the town. The POUM proposes a special protection plan for the banks of the River Manol and the agricultural and livestock farms on the rural land.

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