Berga – Rasa Dels Molins

Urban planning

Berga – Rasa Dels Molins

Urban planning
  • Year: 2007
  • Location: Berga

La Rasa dels Molins represents a large green space that unfortunately has not been used by the city and over time has been left as a residual space by urban growth elsewhere. This might have happened due to the complexity of the area’s topography as there are considerable height differences between this and the adjacent ground.
The specific amendment mainly aims to develop a whole series of facilities with clear public interest to open up the sector to Plaza del Doctor Salón, determine and provide the town with large car parking facilities and possible commercial and service industry uses and determine the surface area and uses of the large free space at La Rasa, in an attempt for the subsequent land development project to geometrically develop all solutions devised in terms of accessibility and public use.

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  • Urban planning:

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