Barcelona – Vallcarca

Urban planning

Barcelona – Vallcarca

Urban planning
  • Year: 2017
  • Location: Gustavo Adolfo Béquer, Barcelona

Rethinking Vallcarca is a chance to bring the city into one of the highest and steepest neighbourhoods of Barcelona. Its strategic position – on the edge of the city and surrounded by hills – gives this place good connections but, at the same time, the area is isolated and in contact with nature.
The proposal should strengthen the place’s strategic nature within the system of natural places, propose a “village neighbourhood” model for people to live and work there, defend the heritage and identity of the area and strengthen the social and neighbourhood structure that has been developing for a while. Vallcarca knows how to live and what it wants to be: a neighbourhood for people, to live and work there, cooperative, associative, diverse, self-managed, well-equipped, connected, well-communicated and reactivated.

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