UAS – Urban Analytics & Studies
Making informed decisions through seeing where and understanding why


UAS – Urban Analytics & Studies is a multidisciplinary team of Urban Designers aiming at urban innovation. We make use of spatial data and digital Urban Design tools to help understand and balance the design drivers of a project, looking at this challenge from a multilevel perspective: from a spatial, social and process approach.

We help you make informed and perspective decisions.
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Urban growth analysis
Barcelona, ES

Each project demands a personal response and a nuanced attention to the relationship between the place and people’s behaviour in it. To provide site specific analyses, we have international experience studying demographic, technological and economic changes; analysing urban contexts and territories; benchmarking the best international examples; and studying people’s spatial behaviour.

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Urban morphology and density comparison
Vilanova i la Geltrú, ES

This all together, allows us to design resilient urban developments based on informed decisions.

Amenities and services analysis
Vilanova i la Geltrú, ES

Housing density
El Garraf, ES


Transversality: we work across all departments helping the design teams tackle the complex issues that arise while designing at the different urban scales, to ensure our projects are informed by their local context and citizens.

3D model generation
El Prat de Llobregat, ES

Communication: we communicate our ideas with a strong visual impact, using the latest GIS and parametric urbanism tools to speed up design processes and to create virtual representations, models and simulations.

Tree layout and green areas
Barcelona, ES


Urban Design is concerned with creating, structuring and programming space based on physical, socio-economic and environmental drivers. Some of our services include:
– Site-specific context research, from regional to city and neighbourhood scale
– Benchmarking / best practice examples
– Critical cartography
– Socio-cultural analysis
– Spatial analysis
– Environmental analysis
– People movement analysis and simulation
– Masterplanning, public realm and landscape design

UAS Tools
MOD (Masterplan Online Database)


OUA MOD (Masterplan Online Database) is a tool developed internally which illustrates some of the motivation and thinking behind what we do. It is not just a webmap repository of our most important urban projects, but a tool that harnesses data to paint a clear picture of the physical and socioeconomic context of our projects, as well as their impact in the city.

The maps and data embedded allow everybody (from Public Administrations and private entities to universities and individuals) to analyse and compare what was previously and what is proposed, as well as its synergies with the territory, all of this based on transparent and objective criteria.

In short, to ask not just where but also why in order to guarantee informed decisions as key drivers to a sustainable urban development.


UAS – Urban Analytics & Studies supplements OUA’s 15+ years of proven experience in urban planning and management with new rational and predictive tools on urban design. Along with our talented and multidisciplinary staff across the company, we utilise both proprietary and open source modelling and analytical tools in order to better predict how the urban space will be used. As a result, our work as an integrated team gives us the best perspective to undertake any future urban development project and make the right decision to design unique and successful urban environments.

All this talent and knowledge involve architects, urban planners, GIS analysts, visualisers, engineers, lawyers and asset management, gathering one of the most complete and integrated expertise of the country.