Residential transformation of the Transmesa area

Location: Premià de Dalt
Year: 2021
Total area: 13,951 m²
Roof area: 15,346 m²
Status: In progress
Number of homes: 163
Main use: Residential

Specific modification of the Premià de Mar Municipal Urban Development Plan in the scope of the "Transmesa" consolidated urban sector.

This Specific Modification of the Municipal Urban Planning Plan of Premià de Mar in the Transmesa area. The convenience and opportunity of the present modification of the current POUM of Premià de Mar is fundamentally determined by the following reasons of public and social interest:

Regenerate the city model by transforming current industrial uses into residential uses. The layout of a single piece of 13,909m² of land and with a potential of 18,082m² of roof, with mostly industrial uses, seems a difficult option to manage in the center of Premià de Mar, not only from a point of view of demand but mainly from the point of view of the urban model it assumes. On the contrary, opting for the delimitation of a residential use sector in which the uses are mixed will enrich the mostly monofunctional urban plot where they are inserted.

Promote affordable housing by guaranteeing the 40% of the residential roof and the 45% of the homes of the modification under the protection housing regime.

Increase the reserve of free spaces in the municipality. Premià de Mar has a very significant deficit of open spaces compared to what is determined by the LUC and the standards recommended by the World Health Organization, which establishes a minimum reserve of between 10-15 m² of open space per inhabitant. As well as strengthening the commercial and associative fabric in the center of Premià, promoting sustainable mobility, the integration of road infrastructures and the provision of parking and guaranteeing the management of the area, viability and economic sustainability without losing quality in the whole.

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