A complete work team, featuring multiple points of view, with wide-ranging knowledge and experience, helps us make the best decisions for your project.

Beatriz Franco
Assets Director
Architect ‐ Postgraduate in Real Estate Management ‐Real Estate and Urban Valuations ‐ Judicial Expertise
Alexandre Gauthier
PhD student in Urban and Architectural Management and Assessment - Master in Geographic Information Systems - Professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia
Laura Bergua
Postgraduate in Feasibility of Urban and Real Estate Plans and Projects - Postgraduate in Legal and Forensic Architecture (DALF) - Postgraduate in Territory Management: urban planning, infrastructures and the environment.
María Méndiz
Postgraduate in Urban Planning ‐ Postgraduate in Real Estate Management
Mayte Lloret
Nerea del Amo
Superior Architecture Student
Ninoska Ramos
Postgrad in Energy and Urbanism - Master in Urban Planning
Núria Álvarez
Victor Cayuela
Senior expert in Urban Project and Topographic Operation Development
Analysis of the Feasibility of Real Estate Promotions