Administration and finances

A complete work team, featuring multiple points of view, with wide-ranging knowledge and experience, helps us make the best decisions for your project.

Sílvia Bosch
Director of Administration and Finance
Diploma in Business Administration - Postgraduate in Training Methodologies in the Business Area - Postgraduate in Methodologies of Training Practices - Intermediate Technician in Prevention of Occupational Risks
Ana Masllorens
Bachelor of Archeology
Diploma in Interior Design - Master in Cultural Management
Carlos L. Mosquera
Higher Technician in Administration and Finance
Master in Personnel Administration - Master in Tax Law and Tax Advice
Guillermo Fontdecaba
Graduated Superior in Interior Design
Master in Infoarchitecture
Lluís Artigas
Design Draughtsman
Noelia Rico
Superior Technique of Administration and Finance
Walter A. Sánchez
Technical Engineer in Management Computing
Master’s Degree in IT security