Quality policy

From OUA GROUP’s Management Board, we intend to communicate a firm commitment to the quality and satisfaction of our clients, responding to their needs and complying legal and administrative requirements applicable to our services.

We strongly believe that our success and survival as an organization depends on providing the best solutions and responses to our clients’ projects, which is why we try to Carry out our tasks with the highest standards of quality and rigor, understood from a broad perspective.

We are focused on maintaining ourselves as a leading company in our sector, providing our clients with a Comprehensive development of services and solutions to accomplish their goals, under the quality control parameters stipulated for each service.

This policy serves as a framework for establishing and reviewing our mission, and is based on the following fundamental principles:  

  • Compliance with our clients and stakeholders needs and expectations.
  • Our main goal is the satisfaction of our client, which is why we try to provide coherent and technically justified solutions according to their needs, established and defined in each project or collaboration.
  • We ensure our clients a reliable response from first contact to project conclusion.
  • We are committed to be continually improving the process defined in our quality management system.
  • The relationship with our clients is defined by open, honest and direct cooperation and communication, which allows the achievement of specific objectives and continuous evolution and improvement.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the performance of our critical collaborators, in accordance with the criteria established in our organisation.