El Perelló – Morro del Gos


El Perelló – Morro del Gos

  • Year: 2004
  • Location: Sector 9 Morro del Gos, El Perelló

Due to the sector’s obvious tourist vocation, thanks to its seaside location, the Town Council has chosen to make this public land unit into a zone for a car park to meet the demand of people going to the Morro del Gos and Santa Lucía beaches.
The area is fragile due to its geographic location and it should therefore be treated carefully to avoid a negative environmental impact. Under these guidelines, the proposal suggests growth adapted to the territory, minimising land use and reducing the land development process as much as possible. Consequently, the residential area is concentrated in the south-east part of the sector, leaving the currently most beautiful area, in the north-east, practically intact in front of the beaches.

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