Our manifesto

It is natural and necessary to look at the world through different perspectives. At OUA, perspective is part of our DNA so we believe that shared experience opens up new paths. We don’t believe in promises. We believe in passion and we believe in challenges. We don’t believe in impossible things. We believe in rigorous hard work. We believe that getting an overall view of the situation, from many perspectives, makes us capable of the best decisions.
We believe that knowing what you need to know gives you the best perspective to make the right decision. Decisions taken with perspective will help us devise the best plan to meet your goal.

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We make decisions
with perspective


Architects, urban planners, engineers, lawyers and a platform to manage asset portfolios. Our multidisciplinary team’s knowledge gives us the best perspective to make the right decision.


Working in the same geographic field for over 14 years has helped us get to know the territory well and given us an overall perspective of all the agents working there. In turn, this helps us streamline processes.


We know what needs to be known to solve your problem. We can control the information internally, using a multidisciplinary team, and externally, knowing the territory and by networking in different sectors.


We have managed over 3,500 projects, totting up over 14 years of experience. Our career path and our teams’ experience give us unique knowledge of the sector to get the best perspective, helping us make the right decision.