OUA is an Urbanism, Architecture, Engineering and Asset Management studio that offers a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to its clients, guaranteeing consistency throughout the entire project process.


Urban Planning

CV Urbanism

We draw up plans that organize the territory as a whole, such as: urban master plans (PDU), municipal urban planning plans (POUM), as well as municipal urban planning action programs (PAUM).

We draw up plans that have as their object the urban planning of specific areas or sectors, such as partial plans (PP) and urban improvement plans (PMU). We also execute general planning modifications to reorder specific areas, both for public and private administration.

We advise and draft rezoning projects, we follow them up to registration in the property register, including the amendment of cadastral discrepancies. We also carry out appraisals and valuations, as well as expropriation reports and geolocation of registered estates.

We provide specialized advice in urban planning, offering technical and legal solutions to solve problems and answer queries related to urban projects. Our experts provide guidance in the interpretation of regulations, optimization of designs and feasibility of projects, ensuring compliance with urban planning requirements.

We develop masterplans and comprehensive preliminary studies to analyze and plan urban areas. These documents contemplate aspects such as the analysis of land uses, the evaluation of the capacity of existing infrastructures, the design of transport networks and the identification of areas of opportunity for urban development. Our approach is based on evaluating the technical and economic viability of projects.

We carry out detailed analyzes of the urban environment, considering aspects such as urban morphology, the socio-economic characteristics of the population, the needs for services and equipment, as well as the assessment of environmental impacts and the identification of opportunities for improvement. These analyzes provide key information for decision-making in the development of urban projects.



CV Architecture

In a first creative phase we conceptualize a first project idea in which functional and program aspects, constructive characteristics, as well as an advance of the work's budget are detailed.

We design the general characteristics of your project in order to obtain the planning license or other administrative authorizations for its adaptation to the planning regulations and thus validate its construction.

We draw up reports, plans and technical calculations to be able to execute the work. While we define constructive solutions to make your building viable.

We direct the material execution of our works by verifying the construction products and materials, the layouts and controlling the correct execution of this.

We work with BIM technologies to facilitate information management of building or infrastructure projects for greater economic and environmental efficiency.

We improve spaces to create personalized solutions for each space taking into account the selection and distribution of furniture, correct lighting, textures and colors, organization and storage, as well as the budget.

We create attractive, sustainable and functional landscape environments that promote connection with nature and people's well-being.



Engineering CV

Our experts are in charge of optimizing the functionality and aesthetics of urban spaces, improving the quality of life of the inhabitants. Projects involving the planning and design of urban infrastructure, such as streets, sidewalks, public service networks and green areas.

We carry out projects for the construction and rehabilitation of maritime infrastructure, such as docks, ports, dikes and breakwaters. These projects include wave analysis, environmental impact studies, structural design and supervision of marine works.

Guarantee adequate and sustainable management of water resources. Our sewage treatment plant projects include filtration systems, biological processes and advanced technologies to remove pollutants and produce quality water. We also develop design and construction projects for drinking water treatment plants and distribution systems. These projects include the selection of treatment technologies, the design of distribution networks and compliance with health regulations.

Guarantee adequate and sustainable management of water resources. Our sewage treatment plant projects include filtration systems, biological processes and advanced technologies to remove pollutants and produce quality water.

We develop design and construction projects for drinking water treatment plants and distribution systems. These projects include the selection of treatment technologies, the design of distribution networks and compliance with health regulations.

We take care of the road layout, geometric design, capacity analysis and road safety, considering mobility needs and current regulations. We carry out road design and construction projects, both for improvements in existing infrastructure and for new roads.

Using techniques that include the implementation of green areas, infiltration systems and rainwater harvesting, we contribute to flood mitigation and environmental conservation. Our engineering experts design urban spaces using sustainable nature-based drainage (SBS) and sustainable urban drainage (SUDS) techniques.

We implement solutions to improve urban drainage, including the design of rainwater drainage systems, rainwater retention and storage, and discharge management in accordance with current regulations (RD 1290/2012).

We develop plans and projects for the planning and improvement of service networks, such as water supply, sewage networks, electrical networks and telecommunications. Our services include infrastructure design, capacity analyses, network optimization and efficient management of urban services. We also evaluate their technical and economic efficiency including feasibility studies, cost and benefit evaluation, optimization of resources and proposals for improvement in the management of urban services.

We manage civil works projects and industry-related structures, including industrial plants, containment structures, foundations and bridges. Our services range from planning to construction supervision.

We develop strategies and projects to strengthen urban resilience, considering adaptation to climate change, risk management and the planning of infrastructure and services capable of resisting and recovering from adverse events.

We provide construction management services, supervising and controlling the construction process of urban and industrial projects. Our experts are responsible for ensuring that projects are executed according to plans, technical specifications and established quality standards.



We guide and assist in matters of legislation, regulations and legal processes, with the aim of guaranteeing compliance with the laws and regulations applicable in each project.

We offer legal services related to urban planning and management. This includes the analysis of planning regulations, the preparation of legal reports, the processing of licenses and permits, and legal representation in administrative and judicial procedures related to the planning field.

Our legal team specializes in administrative law, which allows us to provide advice on administrative procedures, drafting public contracts, administrative resources and any other matter related to public administration and its legal framework.

We support our clients in matters of urban discipline, including the detection and resolution of urban infractions, legal representation in sanctioning procedures, and the defense of our clients' rights before the competent administrative and judicial bodies.

We provide legal advice in real estate law, covering issues related to the purchase and sale of real estate, lease contracts, the establishment of guarantees and any other legal aspect related to the ownership and use of real estate.



We offer a comprehensive legal management service in the field of urbanization, architecture and engineering. This involves monitoring and controlling legal aspects at all stages of a project, from initial planning to final delivery, ensuring compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Our legal team continuously monitors and analyzes the legal evolution of assets, providing advice on regulatory changes, updating legal documentation and resolving possible legal contingencies that may arise throughout the life cycle of assets.


We create high-quality architectural renderings and videos that allow you to visualize projects before they are built. We use advanced modeling and rendering software to generate photorealistic images and animations that accurately depict design, lighting, materials and architectural details.

We combine architectural plans with 3D visual elements for commercial and marketing presentations. These floor plans attractively and realistically show how a commercial space will look once built, allowing clients to visualize its potential and make informed decisions.

We develop renderings and videos that represent urban planning projects, showing the planning and design of urban areas. We use rendering and animation techniques to visualize streets, parks, buildings and other urban elements, providing a clear and detailed view of how the urban environment will look as a whole.

Immersive experiences in architectural and urban planning projects. Through the use of virtual reality devices, customers can virtually explore designed spaces and environments, allowing them to get a realistic sense of what the final experience will be like.

Interactively explore architectural and urban planning projects. These tours use panoramic photography and navigation technology to provide an immersive experience, where users can move freely and explore every detail of the space from different angles.

We capture aerial images and videos using our own drone, providing a unique and spectacular perspective of architectural and urban planning projects. These videos provide a panoramic view and visual understanding of the environment, showing the project's relationship with its natural surroundings and highlighting special features from an elevated perspective.

We offer a full range of services, including inspection and diagnosis for infrastructure maintenance, specialized consultancy in renewal and extension of concessions, urban planning (special plans), construction and rehabilitation of port buildings, landscape integration of new infrastructures, as well as comprehensive environmental impact studies to guarantee the sustainability of the projects.

We offer a wide range of services adapted to the current and future needs of ports. From adaptation to deal with climate change to dredging projects to restore drafts and build new infrastructures, through the reorganization of fleets and the sizing of anchoring systems.
We also deal with the expansion and improvement of docks, dry marine projects to optimize port docks, rehabilitation projects due to natural damage, ballasting in accordance with regulations, operating reports, mobility studies and self-protection plans, emergency and uses of the port.

We specialize in the integration of maritime spaces with urban and natural environments, promoting socio-cultural activities and improving accessibility to promote social and community development in port areas.

We focus on offering sustainable solutions that include environmental awareness, carbon footprint reduction, maritime eco-structures, water quality control, consumption optimization and waste management, light and acoustic regulation, as well as quality certifications and natural environment.

We offer services in cutting-edge maritime technology, such as the installation of smart towers for monitoring consumption data, port access control, and the comprehensive management of information and communication technologies (ICT) for optimize the operation and security of the ports.

We offer specialized legal advice in the maritime-port field, including the creation of legal structures, advice on port and coastal matters, management of authorizations and concessions, renewal of concessions and extensions, drafting of contracts, corporate management, yacht club regulations, and drawing up regulations and communication plans for users.

We offer specialized economic and financial advisory services ranging from the articulation of public contracts and public-private agreements to the strategic analysis of tenders and financial monitoring of concessions and extensions, due diligence, preparation of reports for strategic decisions, analysis of economic viability, processing of financial authorizations, arbitration and economic and socio-economic impact studies.