OUA is an urban planning, architecture and engineering studio that offers a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to its clients, ensuring consistency throughout the entire project process.


In all projects, our goal is always to understand the territory as much as possible in order to be able to offer a response one hundred percent adapted to the place and the people who live there.

Designing on a city scale is a complex task, be it a masterplan, a neighborhood regeneration plan, the design of a new district, an amenity or a multi-family block. We analyze not only how cities are built, but how they are used and how they impact the community.


Our way of understanding urban design is largely based on research and analysis. We carry out in-depth research on the project site and its geographical, economic and social context, studying the needs of its future users.


We compare our projects with case studies and benchmarks to draw lessons and better understand how our public and private spaces will be used.

Our Studio is based on three pillars

Transversality and multidisciplinarity

We work collaboratively across departments to address complex issues that arise while designing at different urban scales, optimizing our urban design or planning projects, urbanization or infrastructure projects, and architectural designs, while we also manage real estate assets effectively.


Sustainability is inherent in our design process. We are BREEAM Certified Urban Planning Consultants and have been awarded within the framework of the 2030 Agenda and the ODS.

We have developed our own analysis and design methodology based on the relationship between different urban agendas and certification systems. Aware that global impacts are achieved through the sum of local actions, our methodology allows us to think globally (Agenda 2030) by acting locally (local agendas).


Through transparent and participatory communication, we aspire to build meaningful bridges with the community in the development of our urban projects.

Our priority is not only to share our visions, but also to listen and proactively respond to the needs of the community, ensuring that our designs not only meet expectations, but reflect a genuine collaboration with those who will benefit directly from the spaces we create.

In numbers


professionals from different disciplines


projects developed in the last 20 years

+6M m²

developed soil

+3M m²

total built


homes in more than 40 residential projects


real estate assets managed


XIX SYMPOSIUM on Sports Ports

Next April 25 and 26, the XIX Symposium on Sports Ports will be held in Getxo, Bilbao. The Roads, Canals and Ports engineer, Marc Serrat, from OUA Ports, will give a presentation on Innovative Technologies. For more information, we invite you to visit its website and program.  

Rethink Sitges 2023

Jordi Artigas and Josep Miàs explain the Vallcarca Next Project, a new innovation district in the Mediterranean, Sitges, where to work, enjoy and live.

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